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Our clients and partners:

“Uni-Tots”, Ltd. - scientific research company.

Our cooperation partners are public organizations from Europe and the world on research in dowsing (biolocation - radioisation), geology, geophysics, institutes and companies that deal with geological exploration, and latest technology and innovations developments in this field. The company's customer base includes both individual and company clients.



- Geological survey from distance

- Ecological and technological monitoring

- Latest geological and hydro geological maps

- Assistance in development of new construction materials and improvement the quality for existing ones

- Consultation on constructions sites

- Defining location of the underground water streams, diagnostics and charting according to the latest dowsing methods

- Positioning of a well or borehole for drinking water extraction

- Positioning of a water reservoir like a pond

- Recommendations concerning the expediency

of the land or living area purchase

- Recommendations on avoiding the negative impact of underground water streams upon the human health, environment and the building structure

- Lowering the level of upper groundwater streams under the buildings and around

- Prevention of the possible tectonic fractures of the Earth under the buildings


Execution of work:

Measurements are carried out using a dowsing method on-site or remotely. Outdoor measurements are recorded with our GNSS Geomax Zenit 15, which allows us to take measurements up to millimeter accuracy.

Our measurements are subjected to post-processing and the results are presented to the client, adding recommendations for further action on the site. Depending on the object size - the data processing time may vary.

The processed measurements are delivered to the client in .pdf, .jpg, .cdr or .dwg file formats. The format and quality of the final measurement file issued to the client may vary depending on the submitted source file, its quality and format, that was supplied by the customer.


Company Information:

Zinatniski petnieciska firma "Uni-Tots", Ltd.

Registration No.: 40103281302

VAT registration No. LV40103281302

Address: Akademijas laukums 1, Riga, LV1050, Latvia


Contacts: Janis Neibergs (Totis) ✆: +371 29109994 ✉: